Soul Memories Techniques – Harmonizing the Mind and Heart

In the last article, we discussed about how to prepare the four-bodies while working with Soul Memories. In this article, we will be exploring how to maintain higher vibrations to hold the connection with Archangel Metatron.

Our mind and heart are part of the instruments and vehicles to communicate with Archangel Metatron. Without a clear mind and heart, it is nearly impossible to work with the source.

A clear mind requires the following state of mind-set while working with Soul Memories:

Non-Judgemental – always stay neutral with your client’s issues. Your clients may be having a very bad experience and seeks your help and may tell you about challenges like health, money and relationship issues.

In this case, try to be an observer instead of quickly forming your own conclusions as it will affect your mind and block the connection.


Faith & Trust – Your mind may start popping up questions to start doubting you – Am I working correctly? Am I asking the right questions? When you are holding trust in your heart and mind, it raise your vibration in your four-bodies. The higher the frequency you can hold, the smoother and more accurate is the communication with the source.

The heart is quite different from the mind. The mind is able to create hundreds of thousands of thought forms a day and each thought form can trigger certain feeling that store in our heart and solar plexus. It is like lighting. A thought form runs so fast and most of the time we can’t catch it.

The heart is just like water – it can be as peaceful as a cat or as fearful as a tiger.


Sometimes a feeling, triggered by a few thought forms, may be expressed for days.

For example, you have a fight with your loved one. The energy of hatred may stay in the emotional bodies for days or months as the emotional body always receives instructions from the mind on how we should feel.

It is not easy and feasible to keep our mind and heart positive all day long while we are living in this modern world. But, at least try to keep it positive while we are giving a Soul Memories reading for the self and others.

For me, I always try my best to maintain a positive feeling before I start using Soul Memories System or other healing modalities. If I have had a bad day, I will try to rebalance my energy by focusing on happy things. If someone just had a fight with me, I will forgive myself and others first or else these energies will be carried into the session and block the reading.


What positive feelings do I love to express most to use as instruments with the source?

I like to express Excitement, Sincerity, Curiosity and Innocence. I like to act these feelings out and let it fill up my body and hold it during the session.



Why is there a need to hold these positive feelings within the body?

There are hundreds of type of positive emotions. As long as it is positive and uplifting, it can be used as a channelling instrument with the higher source like Archangel Metatron.

If we are not able to hold the positive energies within the body, then we are letting fear based emotions occupy our body.


Fear is unable to work with the higher source. It will definitely break the connection no matter how hard we try to connect or how intelligent the mind can be.

That’s why a positive mind-set with a loving heart is the key to unlock the channelling pathway to the higher source.

7 Steps to get yourself ready to give a past life reading

Last week, we talked about the right reasons and themes for getting into past life readings. This week, we will talk about preparation work. In order to get connected to the source, you need to prepare your four-bodes to get ready for the connection.

Our four-bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual serve as the conduit to work with the source, to reconnect with the angelic sources, so that we are able to send and receive information between two points.

If our body is not ready because of physical fatigue, emotional instability or mental chatter, these can interrupt the flow of channelling with the divine source.

It is a similar concept like connecting to the internet for information. If the computer input devices like the keyboard, mouse, wifi router, internet services provider or power sources are not ready, it is impossible to upload and download data in between the computer and internet.

In Buddhism, when they pray to the divine source, there’s one ritual of placing the entire body on the ground. In Chinese it is called Five Body on Ground (head, left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg). Growing up as a child, I did not really understand why this was practised. When I start thinking about it recently, I realised it is quite meaningful and denotes fully surrendering the physical, emotional, mental, personality and spiritual body. The meaning to me is that this does not allow any lower energy in the physical body, fear in the emotional body, limiting programming in the mind and faulty attitude in the personality to govern our life.


So, how do we prepare our four-bodies to be ready for the work?

First, we need to strike peace with our four-bodies. The bodies have their own intelligence and wisdom and they are like different aspects of YOU.

We must treat our four-bodies like our best allies, best friends and best lovers. We need to ask them to work together, to assist the clients to understand their life better, so that they can move on and create a successful life.

Secondly, you must drink a lot of water, ideally 500ml of pure water.

Water is an excellent conduit for cleansing the lower energies in our four-body system. It flushes away toxins that come from the inner and outer world and also help to carry higher vibrations in between my four-bodies and the source. Just like to connect with the internet, a computer needs electricity to transfer signal and data.

Thirdly you need a Sacred Affirmation – tell the universe what you want to achieve during the session and allow the divine source to guide you for the entire process. Details of the affirmation can be found on page 2 of Soul Memories Template System.

Fourthly, work on an Invitation – I like to work with the angelic forces as from my experience, they are the “easiest” to work with. Their energy is quite warm and loving compared to other beings. I will call archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Metatron to be with me and my client in each direction. Left, right, front, back, below and above. I usually see the Metatron Cube forming to protect me and my clients.

As the fifth step ask for Clearing. Once you have invited the angelic forces into your space, you can start requesting clearing from the angelic forces and divine sources to clear any mis-aligned energy between yourself and the clients. This will help to have a clear connection between yourself and the client’s energy field.

As a sixth step call for Protection for yourself and the client in all levels. This can easily be achieved through saying the statement in page 5 of Soul Memories.

Finally ask for Space Clearing. If the inner space and outer space are having energy disturbances due to stagnant energies left over by other people you can ask Archangel Michael to perform a thorough clearing with platinum and violet rays to remove it. It is also important to seal off the space with higher vibrations so that no other beings can get in throughout the process.

Intention is an important key factor here. Intend by saying out verbally with positive emotion to the universe. Sentences printed in the Soul Memories can help you to achieve this purpose.

As a reminder to the reader, getting the four-bodies ready is the most important step to getting the reading right.

The Right reasons before getting into past life reading.

During the years of giving past life readings to my clients, there were many reasons why people wanted to know their past lives by using Soul Memories.

Most of the clients were pretty much influenced by the information in the media, books, society and cultural believes about past lives. Therefore every client who comes for their past life reading may hold different intentions for checking out certain information.

Most of them may just be curious about who they were and want to find out what they were doing in their past lives.

In order to help yourself and your client maximize the time and value of the reading, It is good to come up with a systematic approach to guide your client’s focus on their life lessons instead of just satisfying their curiosity.

I usually discuss beforehand with them, find out what is their current life challenges are first and then come up with a theme before starting the past life reading.

Some clients may know what they want from the readings and some may not. For those client not sure of their objective of the reading, I usually ask a few question to assist them look into their life.

Some questions are:

Do you have any area in your life you are not happy about?

Do you see yourself having a good relationship with your father, mother, or sibling? 

Are you having a harmonious relationship with your partner?

Do you enjoy what you are doing? 

In most cases, the clients will tell me in details which area of their life they are not happy with. From then I will keep on asking more questions to help both of us come up with a theme to work on.

For example, if the client is not happy with the relationship with his/her mother, I will ask in detail to find out their present life relationship challenges.

Once I have get a better picture of what the client has gone through, I will ask my client a few more questions.

Would you want to know what is the karmic life lesson you are supposed to learn in this life with your mother?

Would you want to know how to hold a harmonious  relationship with your mother in this life time?

My clients usually say yes and are eager to know.

And so this will be the theme for the client.

“What is the karmic life lesson and how to maintain a harmonious relationship with his/her mother?”

With the appropriate theme for the client, it will help my client get a better result in terms of healing, instead of just checking out their past life stories without any constructive result.

Why is it so hard to forgive and let go?

A few years back, I had difficulty learning to forgive people who had cheated me or had taken advantage of me. It was especially difficult to forgive when they were people I had trusted such as close friends, lover or family members. I believe there are many of you who shared, or, is having this experience now too.

The feeling that I felt were of betrayal and hurt in the heart. There were also the unlimited number of thought forms that kept playing in my . I was constantly thinking back about how situations had happened. The more I thought about the situations of being cheated, the worst I felt in my . Consequently, I created heavy loads of negativity in the which affected my career and relationship with others.

One may share with your friends about the how terrible it felt of being hurt. Friends with good intention will then likely to advice that the best way forward is to forgive and let go. One might even read inspiring and well-meaning words and message from books, quotes, posts on Facebook and many other sources telling you the same too. At a moment of realization, you would finally agree that the self destructive behavior of thinking and feeling terrible will have to stop. You realized that you can only feel and become worst if it is allowed to continue.

At this moment of awareness, most of us will experience a phenomenon by way of a voice in our mind arguing against the realization, much like having a devil and an angel within our heads. There would be questions flooding into the mind, “Why should I forgive him/her as it was not my fault?” “ This person has ruined my life and does not deserved to be forgiven.”

This might go on and on, until another inner voice begins takes over, “Let’s forget about this person and start anew. Afterall, why should I allow this person to make me feel miserable?”

The situation might yo-yo back and forth, until you make a decision to change and forget, and life then goes on. You begin to feel better, and soon even learned to forget about the whole thing.

However, sometime later and out of the blue, the feeling of hurt surfaced again, giving you much pain in the heart. Again, the images of how the person you trusted had caused you harm keeps flashing in the mind.

This will immediately take you on a roller-coaster ride again. You will find that your energy level begin to swing up and down. As a result, you might become more moody and finally even falling into depression.

So, the question now is, “Do we really forgive and let go of the hurtful experiences?”

Months after months, years after years, your conscious and unconscious mind will warn you of the fear of being harmed and hurt again. This warning is likely to have been stored in you and will remain deep inside you. When you become aware of it, you ask, “Why does it not go away?” You may try to ignore it, not talk about it and hope that it will fade away in your memory.

In my opinion, I personally believe and know that the hoping of things to go away will not work. It does not go away! Instead, it will remain in our body, mind, heart and soul. We will carry these unseen forces or burden for the rest of our lives. These unseen forces and energies will then directly or indirectly begin to cause challenges in our new relationships.

Often, when trouble begins again within the new relationships, we will choose to make up excuses after excuses for why it had happened. These actions will just simply add on to the layers of negativity on top of original pain. We are, again, bringing the old garbage into a new relationship. Simply like the Japanese horror movie, The Ring. The cycle never ends.

(Believe it or not each of us are playing the similiar The Ring-Like story within us)

I strongly believe in the importance to knowing and , the , and then we can clear those blocking lower energies and begin to cultivate within us to enable us to .

Otherwise, we are merely just hopeful that we will forget and unknowingly bury the unsettled and unresolved energy/lessons deeper within our body, mind, heart and soul.

This is not matter to be taken lightly and certainly not funny, especially when you find that you can’t seemed to establish and build loving and harmonious relationships with your lover, friends and family. This is because, the energies that were carried forward from your past experiences have not been settled yet, and will continue to block you in your ways.

At this point, you will know and acknowledge that it is critical to invest in yourself and keep yourself cleared of past energies. In fact, this gift to yourself is priceless, as it will finally allow you to let go of the blocks from your past and begin to create a wonderful, loving and harmonious journey in life with your loved ones.

If you have love relationship challenges in the present or past and yet to settled, and wish to understand the underlying energies and lessons. You may check it out with this link of how i may assist you.

The Toughest Life Lessons on Earth.

After the “Dowsing with Metatron” workshop at Lightworks, I went back to KokWai house.  I was  lying on the bed, trying to let my other “4 new found lovers” (bodies) rest for awhile. A topic started floating around in my mind; ‘What is the toughest life lessons on earth?’

As I was doing this, just like a computer installing a program into the hard disk, a whole chunk of information downloaded into my mind relating to this topic.

I try to summarize the message in point forms:

1. The toughest lessons in the human life are not financial challenges, the loss of a loved one, being cheated by someone you trusted, feeling oppressed by an authority figure, physical health problems or how to serve the humanity, or the world. All these are just a matter of results or byproducts of a lack of love and light towards our physical body, emotional body, mental body and soul body.

2. If human beings are able to focus more on how to express love to each of their bodies, the personality body will be able to understand what the other bodies need and, become wiser so as to let the 4-body system work in an integrated fashion.

3. To make it easier to conceptualize for our human mind understanding, Metatron said to me,  ‘Simply treat each of the 4 bodies as my 4 individual lovers and to give them a name if I wanted.’ Then, to ask the following questions via my personality body.

(4 Lovers means 4 body system – The Physical, Emotional, Mental, Soul Bodies)

a. When was my last time I have communicated and talked to my 4 lovers?

b. How often I have been expressing my love towards them?

c. If one of the lovers is suffering, am I listening to them and helping them?

d. Am I ignoring my body’s request?

e. Do I focus more of my love to an external Soul or factors like “an external lover” more than the inner one?

f. Am I treating the body like an object?

g. Am I using them and taking advantage of my 4 lovers just to feed the ego and personality body need?

h. If you said that “I love my 4 lovers”, do you really mean it or are you just sayig it because you have no choice and want to get rid of the problem? (physical health problems etc)

i. Will the personality do whatever it takes to prioritize the love back to the 4 lovers first, instead of to the external love such as family, career and friends?

j. If one of the 4 lovers is sick, do I just have the intention to get rid of the pain or illness, or do I simply love them and don’t want my lover to keep on suffering due to my past mistakes and lack of care of them?

k. Am I loving my lovers because other people tell me so?

l. Am I willing to take some time off for the 4 lovers?

Love is not obligation or responsibility, love is a natural process for any Soul created by God, it is beyond any form of human words and language. When we are able to hold love in our bodies, love naturally shines to any human Soul near you, from you.

There are no more attacks and life lessons, because we have already learned the toughest soul lessons on earth. The reunion of the 4 inner lovers.

Once we have gone through the process of love, if someone is trying to attack us in any form the rest of the 4 body system will start to protect all of the bodies, through the highest vibration – love.

There will be no more hate, anger, frustration, judgment, jealousy and hundreds over types of fear in your emotional body because you and the rest of the body will not have any space for the fear.

There will be no more hundreds over types of limiting and love-destructive programming in the human mental body because you and the rest of the body will not have any space for these beliefs.

There will be no more self-made dis-ease and illnesses due to lack of love to the human physical body  because you and the rest of the body will not have any space to these unconscious harms.

There will be no more blocks to your own soul and higher self due to lack of love and care to the rest of the lower bodies. You and the rest of the body will not have any space to these unconscious attacks.

Just like a mother it will not let anyone hurt their child and you will not let one of your bodies start to feel hurt and react with anger or fear.

By Darreck

BodyMaitre – A series of workshop and skill learning class inspired by Metatron,  on how to express love and communicate to the 4 inner lovers
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