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Soul Memories Techniques – Harmonizing the Mind and Heart

In the last article, we discussed about how to prepare the four-bodies while working with Soul Memories. In this article, we will be exploring how to maintain higher vibrations to hold the connection with Archangel Metatron.

Our mind and heart are part of the instruments and vehicles to communicate with Archangel Metatron. Without a clear mind and heart, it is nearly impossible to work with the source.

A clear mind requires the following state of mind-set while working with Soul Memories:

Non-Judgemental – always stay neutral with your client’s issues. Your clients may be having a very bad experience and seeks your help and may tell you about challenges like health, money and relationship issues.

In this case, try to be an observer instead of quickly forming your own conclusions as it will affect your mind and block the connection.


Faith & Trust – Your mind may start popping up questions to start doubting you – Am I working correctly? Am I asking the right questions? When you are holding trust in your heart and mind, it raise your vibration in your four-bodies. The higher the frequency you can hold, the smoother and more accurate is the communication with the source.

The heart is quite different from the mind. The mind is able to create hundreds of thousands of thought forms a day and each thought form can trigger certain feeling that store in our heart and solar plexus. It is like lighting. A thought form runs so fast and most of the time we can’t catch it.

The heart is just like water – it can be as peaceful as a cat or as fearful as a tiger.


Sometimes a feeling, triggered by a few thought forms, may be expressed for days.

For example, you have a fight with your loved one. The energy of hatred may stay in the emotional bodies for days or months as the emotional body always receives instructions from the mind on how we should feel.

It is not easy and feasible to keep our mind and heart positive all day long while we are living in this modern world. But, at least try to keep it positive while we are giving a Soul Memories reading for the self and others.

For me, I always try my best to maintain a positive feeling before I start using Soul Memories System or other healing modalities. If I have had a bad day, I will try to rebalance my energy by focusing on happy things. If someone just had a fight with me, I will forgive myself and others first or else these energies will be carried into the session and block the reading.


What positive feelings do I love to express most to use as instruments with the source?

I like to express Excitement, Sincerity, Curiosity and Innocence. I like to act these feelings out and let it fill up my body and hold it during the session.



Why is there a need to hold these positive feelings within the body?

There are hundreds of type of positive emotions. As long as it is positive and uplifting, it can be used as a channelling instrument with the higher source like Archangel Metatron.

If we are not able to hold the positive energies within the body, then we are letting fear based emotions occupy our body.


Fear is unable to work with the higher source. It will definitely break the connection no matter how hard we try to connect or how intelligent the mind can be.

That’s why a positive mind-set with a loving heart is the key to unlock the channelling pathway to the higher source.

7 Steps to get yourself ready to give a past life reading

Last week, we talked about the right reasons and themes for getting into past life readings. This week, we will talk about preparation work. In order to get connected to the source, you need to prepare your four-bodes to get ready for the connection.

Our four-bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual serve as the conduit to work with the source, to reconnect with the angelic sources, so that we are able to send and receive information between two points.

If our body is not ready because of physical fatigue, emotional instability or mental chatter, these can interrupt the flow of channelling with the divine source.

It is a similar concept like connecting to the internet for information. If the computer input devices like the keyboard, mouse, wifi router, internet services provider or power sources are not ready, it is impossible to upload and download data in between the computer and internet.

In Buddhism, when they pray to the divine source, there’s one ritual of placing the entire body on the ground. In Chinese it is called Five Body on Ground (head, left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg). Growing up as a child, I did not really understand why this was practised. When I start thinking about it recently, I realised it is quite meaningful and denotes fully surrendering the physical, emotional, mental, personality and spiritual body. The meaning to me is that this does not allow any lower energy in the physical body, fear in the emotional body, limiting programming in the mind and faulty attitude in the personality to govern our life.


So, how do we prepare our four-bodies to be ready for the work?

First, we need to strike peace with our four-bodies. The bodies have their own intelligence and wisdom and they are like different aspects of YOU.

We must treat our four-bodies like our best allies, best friends and best lovers. We need to ask them to work together, to assist the clients to understand their life better, so that they can move on and create a successful life.

Secondly, you must drink a lot of water, ideally 500ml of pure water.

Water is an excellent conduit for cleansing the lower energies in our four-body system. It flushes away toxins that come from the inner and outer world and also help to carry higher vibrations in between my four-bodies and the source. Just like to connect with the internet, a computer needs electricity to transfer signal and data.

Thirdly you need a Sacred Affirmation – tell the universe what you want to achieve during the session and allow the divine source to guide you for the entire process. Details of the affirmation can be found on page 2 of Soul Memories Template System.

Fourthly, work on an Invitation – I like to work with the angelic forces as from my experience, they are the “easiest” to work with. Their energy is quite warm and loving compared to other beings. I will call archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon and Metatron to be with me and my client in each direction. Left, right, front, back, below and above. I usually see the Metatron Cube forming to protect me and my clients.

As the fifth step ask for Clearing. Once you have invited the angelic forces into your space, you can start requesting clearing from the angelic forces and divine sources to clear any mis-aligned energy between yourself and the clients. This will help to have a clear connection between yourself and the client’s energy field.

As a sixth step call for Protection for yourself and the client in all levels. This can easily be achieved through saying the statement in page 5 of Soul Memories.

Finally ask for Space Clearing. If the inner space and outer space are having energy disturbances due to stagnant energies left over by other people you can ask Archangel Michael to perform a thorough clearing with platinum and violet rays to remove it. It is also important to seal off the space with higher vibrations so that no other beings can get in throughout the process.

Intention is an important key factor here. Intend by saying out verbally with positive emotion to the universe. Sentences printed in the Soul Memories can help you to achieve this purpose.

As a reminder to the reader, getting the four-bodies ready is the most important step to getting the reading right.

The Right reasons before getting into past life reading.

During the years of giving past life readings to my clients, there were many reasons why people wanted to know their past lives by using Soul Memories.

Most of the clients were pretty much influenced by the information in the media, books, society and cultural believes about past lives. Therefore every client who comes for their past life reading may hold different intentions for checking out certain information.

Most of them may just be curious about who they were and want to find out what they were doing in their past lives.

In order to help yourself and your client maximize the time and value of the reading, It is good to come up with a systematic approach to guide your client’s focus on their life lessons instead of just satisfying their curiosity.

I usually discuss beforehand with them, find out what is their current life challenges are first and then come up with a theme before starting the past life reading.

Some clients may know what they want from the readings and some may not. For those client not sure of their objective of the reading, I usually ask a few question to assist them look into their life.

Some questions are:

Do you have any area in your life you are not happy about?

Do you see yourself having a good relationship with your father, mother, or sibling? 

Are you having a harmonious relationship with your partner?

Do you enjoy what you are doing? 

In most cases, the clients will tell me in details which area of their life they are not happy with. From then I will keep on asking more questions to help both of us come up with a theme to work on.

For example, if the client is not happy with the relationship with his/her mother, I will ask in detail to find out their present life relationship challenges.

Once I have get a better picture of what the client has gone through, I will ask my client a few more questions.

Would you want to know what is the karmic life lesson you are supposed to learn in this life with your mother?

Would you want to know how to hold a harmonious  relationship with your mother in this life time?

My clients usually say yes and are eager to know.

And so this will be the theme for the client.

“What is the karmic life lesson and how to maintain a harmonious relationship with his/her mother?”

With the appropriate theme for the client, it will help my client get a better result in terms of healing, instead of just checking out their past life stories without any constructive result.

8 Limiting Beliefs which Block Divine Connection to the Angels and Divine Spirits

I have conducted dowsing courses for many years in Asia. In almost every class, I have observed my students encounter blocks which impede or stop their connection to the divine realm during the dowsing process. This too, afflicts experienced dowsers who join my advanced dowsing classes. Unfortunately, as revealed to me by Spirit, majority of the answers received by my students have been filtered through their ego mind system.
As such, it is very important to have a firm foundation upon which to build one’s dowsing practice upon. Otherwise, erroneous or tainted answers can result when one is attuned to the wrong Source.

First of all, we need to thoroughly examine our minds and uncover all negative mindsets, limiting beliefs or subconscious programming which can potentially block us from receiving accurate, divinely-inspired answers. These blocks can stem from faulty beliefs carried over from our childhood years, societal programming or can even be traced back to our past lives. Traumatic experiences in past lives can leave a strong imprint on our energy systems which can deeply affect our subconscious mind in this present incarnation.

Below, I have listed 8 major limiting beliefs every dowser should check themselves for which can potentially serve as blocks to obtaining accurate answers during the dowsing process.

  1. I am fearful of working with my super-conscious mind and Higher Self or any unfamiliar entity through channeling or dowsing.
  2. I will cause harm to myself and others if I know the truth through channeling or dowsing.
  3. I am shy or nervous to know the truth through pendulum dowsing.
  4. It is difficult to know the answer through dowsing with a pendulum.
  5. I doubt pendulum dowsing will work.
  6. I am worried about getting wrong answers from Higher Self and angels by using pendulum.
  7. Most likely my own ego moving the pendulum.
  8. If I get the right answer through dowsing and channeling for my clients, my clients may not able to handle it the truth.

Once you have checked an cleared yourself of any of the above limiting beliefs, you care well on your towards a fulfilling and insightful dowsing process.

P.S: If you can think of any other beliefs which might serve as block to effective dowsing, please feel free to share it below. :-)

by the way for those yet to download the free dowsing manual, please click here to get a copy now.

Welcoming the New Year into our Energy Field

First up, warmest New Year wishes to all our followers from the team at Abundance Belief.

I don’t know about you but all around me, I’m feeling the electrifying possibilities and potential the coming year has in store for all of us. Without a doubt, 2012 is going to be a watershed year for many replete with endless opportunities for growth on all levels, abundance and joy.

Now that the champagne has been popped and the party streamers cleaned up, it’s time to leave behind the revelry of the festivities and integrate the energies of 2012 into our four body system.

To begin the process, find a quiet time and space where you wouldn’t be disturbed for at least half an hour. Hold in your heart gratefulness for the many blessings of the previous year. Tell Spirit (either aloud or in your heart) that you are ready to welcome the energies and wisdom of the new year into your energy system. Depending on one’s spiritual foundation, one can either sit in a meditative position and allow the energy to co-mingle with one’s field, or apply the appropriate hands-on healing positions to direct the energy flow to all the chakras.

Do remember to take deep breaths while allowing the process to take place.

Thereafter, receive divinely guided messages from the Divine for overarching themes to look out in 2012. These themes may manifest themselves in the form of lessons, wisdom to be attained or simply experiences that the soul wants to have in the coming year.

Divination charts used together with the pendulum, angel cards or tarot cards are excellent tools that one can use to bring greater direction and clarity to the information received.

End the session by holding a heart full of gratefulness for all the blessings you will be receiving in the new year.

Have a great year ahead!

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