8 Limiting Beliefs which Block Divine Connection to the Angels and Divine Spirits

I have conducted dowsing courses for many years in Asia. In almost every class, I have observed my students encounter blocks which impede or stop their connection to the divine realm during the dowsing process. This too, afflicts experienced dowsers who join my advanced dowsing classes. Unfortunately, as revealed to me by Spirit, majority of the answers received by my students have been filtered through their ego mind system.
As such, it is very important to have a firm foundation upon which to build one’s dowsing practice upon. Otherwise, erroneous or tainted answers can result when one is attuned to the wrong Source.

First of all, we need to thoroughly examine our minds and uncover all negative mindsets, limiting beliefs or subconscious programming which can potentially block us from receiving accurate, divinely-inspired answers. These blocks can stem from faulty beliefs carried over from our childhood years, societal programming or can even be traced back to our past lives. Traumatic experiences in past lives can leave a strong imprint on our energy systems which can deeply affect our subconscious mind in this present incarnation.

Below, I have listed 8 major limiting beliefs every dowser should check themselves for which can potentially serve as blocks to obtaining accurate answers during the dowsing process.

  1. I am fearful of working with my super-conscious mind and Higher Self or any unfamiliar entity through channeling or dowsing.
  2. I will cause harm to myself and others if I know the truth through channeling or dowsing.
  3. I am shy or nervous to know the truth through pendulum dowsing.
  4. It is difficult to know the answer through dowsing with a pendulum.
  5. I doubt pendulum dowsing will work.
  6. I am worried about getting wrong answers from Higher Self and angels by using pendulum.
  7. Most likely my own ego moving the pendulum.
  8. If I get the right answer through dowsing and channeling for my clients, my clients may not able to handle it the truth.

Once you have checked an cleared yourself of any of the above limiting beliefs, you care well on your towards a fulfilling and insightful dowsing process.

P.S: If you can think of any other beliefs which might serve as block to effective dowsing, please feel free to share it below. :-)

by the way for those yet to download the free dowsing manual, please click here to get a copy now.

Welcoming the New Year into our Energy Field

First up, warmest New Year wishes to all our followers from the team at Abundance Belief.

I don’t know about you but all around me, I’m feeling the electrifying possibilities and potential the coming year has in store for all of us. Without a doubt, 2012 is going to be a watershed year for many replete with endless opportunities for growth on all levels, abundance and joy.

Now that the champagne has been popped and the party streamers cleaned up, it’s time to leave behind the revelry of the festivities and integrate the energies of 2012 into our four body system.

To begin the process, find a quiet time and space where you wouldn’t be disturbed for at least half an hour. Hold in your heart gratefulness for the many blessings of the previous year. Tell Spirit (either aloud or in your heart) that you are ready to welcome the energies and wisdom of the new year into your energy system. Depending on one’s spiritual foundation, one can either sit in a meditative position and allow the energy to co-mingle with one’s field, or apply the appropriate hands-on healing positions to direct the energy flow to all the chakras.

Do remember to take deep breaths while allowing the process to take place.

Thereafter, receive divinely guided messages from the Divine for overarching themes to look out in 2012. These themes may manifest themselves in the form of lessons, wisdom to be attained or simply experiences that the soul wants to have in the coming year.

Divination charts used together with the pendulum, angel cards or tarot cards are excellent tools that one can use to bring greater direction and clarity to the information received.

End the session by holding a heart full of gratefulness for all the blessings you will be receiving in the new year.

Have a great year ahead!

To Everything There is a Season

According to the Beatles and the Book of Ecclesiastes, there is a time and place for all things; laughter and sorrow, healing and killing, war and peace, and so on.

As 2011 draws to a close, we are inevitably lulled into a mood of contemplation, reflecting on the events and lessons of the past year. In our mental scrapbooks, we make a note of the things we have done right, as well as the things we haven’t done quite as right.

Whilst self introspection is part and parcel of the reflection process, we must be mindful to adopt a detached and grounded mindset when we go about the deed. More often than not, human beings have a proclivity towards dramatising events in our heads, to the extent that they become quite a different thing altogether than what might have transpired in reality.

The crux of the whole experience is to acknowledge the wisdom we have gained, and the lessons we have learnt from the past year’s happenings. After all, life comprises a tapestry of personal experiences, which help our souls to continually grow and evolve.

Spiritual tools such as the pendulum and accompanying charts can greatly assist us in deriving quality insights from the . The information gleaned from the research is objective, practical and divinely guided. Of course, the accuracy and authenticity of the insights also depends a lot on one’s state of being during the session. Hence, it is important to set aside sufficient time and space to follow through the process.

If one is not confident about attempting the session alone, one can also book a session with a trusted healer or reader for assistance.

Once we have come to terms with the events and issues of 2011, we are in better stead to usher in 2012 and begin the new year on a clean slate.

Tis the Season to be Jolly

With the effects of last week’s retrograde wearing off, many of us now find ourselves caught up in the flurry of Christmas activities in the weeks leading up to the 25th of December. Even the Scrooges of the world cannot ignore the festive cheer wafting through the air at every turn.

It is true that things on the world stage are not so jolly at the moment. We stand at the brink of yet another world recession, reports of unrest in the Middle East and climate-related incidents around the region. There doesn’t seem to be very much to celebrate about, really.

Still, instead of wallowing in doom and gloom, it has been reported that consumer spending is on the rise in certain European countries. Whilst I bear a neutral stance towards consumerism, it is heartening to note that people are spending more money on gifts for family and loved ones, as a sign of encouragement that we can get through the uncertainties that lie ahead. It is a sign of defiance that though we may be downtrodden, our spirits can never be broken.

According to Gary Chapman, gift giving is one of the five languages of love. It is a way in which we let the people around us know that we love and care for them. The price tag of the gift is not as important as the thought and effort that goes into getting it. Get your loved one something practical, and preferably also edify his or her life at the same time. Also, be mindful to always spend within your means, and not to allow peer pressure or external factors to govern how much budget you are able to allocate to gift giving this year.

Lastly, hold the intention of love, compassion, hope and warmth within your energy system. In this way, whatever gift you choose to bestow upon your loved one, will embody the wishes and positive intentions you hold for them.


Regressing with the Retrograde?

I don’t know about you, but last week was certainly a testy week for me.

From minor bumps on the head to washing machines that couldn’t stop spinning, it seemed like that there was no end to the spate of irritations that popped up almost every day. Personally, there was a general feeling of malaise and I was more Mr Hyde than Dr Jekyll to the people around me.

On the third day into a week that was fast descending into unpleasantness, it was brought to my attention that Mercury was going into retrograde from 24 November to 13 December. Whenever this
planetary movement occurs, challenges such as difficulty in communication, electronic breakdowns and even changes in the weather can take place.

If one is sensitive to energy flow, which I’m sure many of us on this site are, the effects of the retrograde are felt even more acutely. However, with conscious awareness, we are better able to cope and deal with the challenges that we find along the way. Personally, a great sense of relief washed over my soul and I was better able to see the lighter side of things after realising the cosmic reason behind my challenging week.

Here’re some survival tips I’d like to share with all of you out there to better cope with the effects of the Mercury retrograde:

1. (wherever possible) during this period – Our judgement may be marred by the retrograde which affects communication on all levels, even the intra-personal communication going on in our head. of course, for those who have master the consciousness and bodies, the energy may not neccesary affected much.

2. – ensure that you load up on rest and sleep during this period, so you’ll be better equipped physically to deal with the challenges life may present you. Also, things are less likely to screw up when we are asleep. Certainly gives new meaning to the term “hibernation”.

3. – deep breaths are the way to go for the weeks that lie ahead. This helps to keep our tempers and moods in check, so as to avoid quarrels or misunderstandings with family and colleagues.

4. on how to cope using charts from the Well-Being series – receive Divine guidance on how best we can get through the period. Since we’re likely to bite off the heads of people around us, let your pendulum advise you on how you can alleviate the effects of the retrograde.

5. – keeping things light and laughing off inconveniences aids tremendously. Laughing also helps to dispel the doom and gloom around our auric field. So whenever possible, have a hearty laugh. Mother was right when she said that laughter was the best medicine!

Stop, Breathe and Proceed

Daryl was a very angry man. He was indulging in a spot of woodwork in his workshop when he accidentally toppled a container of nails. Cussing at his lousy luck, Daryl angrily bent over to begin picking up the nails. In his haste, his elbow brushed against the work table top and upset a tub of glue which had been resting upon it. The infuriated man started to stamp his feet and what do you know, one of the fallen nails pierced through the sole of his shoe. Daryl was left hopping mad, so to speak.

How many times have we found ourselves in a situation like Daryl’s? A minor inconvenience can spiral into something much bigger, amplified by our rage and annoyance. Accidents and inconveniences do happen. It is all part and parcel of life and not something which life dishes out to torment us.

The way we react and deal with these incidents is all that truly matters. Maintaining one’s calm and composure (I know that it’s hard but please try!) is of utmost importance. Take a deep breath to dispel the train of anger coursing through the energy system as that increases the likelihood of a second accident happening. Remember that like attracts like, and anger begets only more anger! Once we have calmed down sufficiently, proceed with cleaning up the mess or doing whatever it takes to remedy the situation.

In stressful times, it pays to remember this mantra, where we

Stopping oneself is crucial as it firewalls the destructive train of angry thoughts and prevents the situation from spiralling out o control. We should be in control of the situation, and not let the situation control us.

Hence, that is why it is so very important that we maintain our calm and composure when it comes to our spiritual practice or energy work. We want to keep the energies pure and vibrations high, and not allow distractions or irritations to taint the integrity of our work.

Doing research or dowsing for advice/answers using the pendulum requires a tremendous amount of patience and persistence. When we face interruptions of any nature, we must keep at the task with focus and be extremely mindful not to let the slightest feeling of irritation cloud the responses we are receiving.

If one is unable to “stop, breathe and proceed”, then it is better perhaps to take a break from the session (if possible) and resume a few minutes later when one has regained composure and clarity.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, the mantra is a handy tool to keep on hand to help us deal with the curveballs life sometimes deals us.

Note: Use Spiritual Centered Attitude pendulum dowsing chart in Self Mastery Series to find out how to stop accessive and destructive emotion and thought patterns.

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