Past Lives Soul Memories Intuitive Readings

If you want to discover who you have been in your past lives on mother earth, or if you are simply  seeking your life purpose and karmic reasons due to your present challenges you are facing, this distant intuitive readings might be for you.

We have probably been through hundreds of life times on earth, and yet we hardly remember any of them in our current lives.  Perhaps you have lived a lifetime as a farmer in the rurals of China, or as a monk in Tibet, or as  a warrior fighting for the Pharoah in ancient Egypt.  Perhaps you were a healer or a high priestess during the Atlantlean civilization. No matter whom you were or what you were doing in your past lives, all incarnational experiences are never wasted and there is always something to learn from each of them.

What is the purpose to exploring and understanding your past lives?

  1. Understand what you already learned in your past lives, trace back your dormant abilities and integrate them into your current consciousness.
  2. Life Lessons that you have yet to learn from past lives; trace back the relevant memories and assist yourself in learning them in this life time.

In this Past Live Soul Memories Readings, you will receive ONE past life reading. This written report will email to you once it is facilitated by the founder Darreck Chen.

This report let you understand more about the key past live lessons which most influence you  in this life, including:

  • Accessing one major key past live from your soul memories
  • The role you played in the major past life
  • Historical time frame of your earth incarnation
  • Discover which parts of the world you have had incarnational experiences
  • Find out your past lives’ lessons, gaining greater clarity about your life
  • Find out the major experiences of your past lives during the most important time
  • Find out the spiritual test(s) involved in the past live
  • Find out the important relationships involved  in past live
  • Calling back soul fragments (if any)
  • Retrieve back lessons you have already learned and integrating them into this life challenges (if any)
  • Retrieve back past lives gifts (if any)
  • Sessions may conclude with healing with the Divine Spirits and clearing away any discordant energies from your four-bodies system which no longer serve your highest good.

If you wish to sign up for this Past Lives Soul Memories Channeled readings, following details required:

  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. Country
  4. Photo of you
  5. Description of your current concern or present life challenges; relationship, family, or career etc

Once you have made the payment, please email the above information to You will receive a confirmation email from Darreck.

Testimonials from Clients

“I am very glad I came for the Soul Memories. The past life session you did for me really made a whole lot of difference in my connection with my Higher Self and the Divine Being. I feel so much more connected and very much happier.”



ONE Past Live Soul Memories Channeled Readings USD$65
Includes ONE major life time researches, please indicate and describe one present life issue or concerns in your email.

Special Package: TWO Past Lives Soul Memories Reading USD$110
Package includes TWO major life times researches, please indicate and describe two present life issues or concerns in your email.

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  1. Balakumar49
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 20:59:00

    will the past life reading create fear? i am 63 years old and i have been deeply into spiritual studies and i was so confident and have so much of faith and trust in divinity. suddenly, some flatulence problem came and with it the fear of getting old came and now unable to recover and re establish my practice of chanting mantras. will the past life reading help me recover from fear and face the life boldly even death?


    • Darreck Chen
      Oct 07, 2011 @ 11:53:00

      Hi Balakumar49, Based on what your higher self said, your sub-conscious mind having a strong fear deep seeded in you while you was born in this world, this is something to do with the relation with you and your grandparent during the time while you was born. Beside, yes there’s not so nice experience in the past live that trigger the fear too. These issue also something to do with “Seperation”.. A Soul Memories Past Lives reading may help you to understand and realiza further of the overall lessons and also cleanse the energy of fear.


  2. Ela_S
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 16:51:00

    Do you think that such reading could be helpful in improving financial situation by explaing some problematic situations? Issue is that everytime I think about abundance and money I feel so strong stress in chest area which transforms to panic. Maybe it is from this life and then such reading doesn’t show core reasons?


    • Darreck Chen
      Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:21:00

      Yes you are right, not all issues related to past lives and it can be due to present life challenges like childhood issues etc. but more then 70% of the cases have the root causes from the past lives because of some “not so nice” experience happend to the soul, and these sub-conscious patterns bring forward to this life time.

      When this life time happend with the similiar “not so nice” experience again, it added another layer of energies and pattern into the person.

      Past life therapy is one form of healing method to let the patient see the bigger picture of the root causes, through the process of self-realization and releasing the hidden energies. it help the person move on to the present life challenges by shifting the consciousness, including health, career and even money issues.

      Of course there are other healing methods may be healpful for healing too like Reiki, Vibrational Healing, or simply through self-realization therapy.

      Based on your issues as suggested by your guide, the pain is form of signal manifested by the discordant energy holding in your energy body, and energy you have created including panic, fear, and cowardice are coming from sub-conscious limiting beliefs.

      Do you have problem to strongly face your money and financial challenges? Are you able to take action to change and overcome the challenges with Spiritual Warrior type of attitude? Do you have strength to make a decision while there’s something urgent for you to take action? your wisdom self asking you these..

      Your sub-conscious mind also reveal there’s an experience trauma program happend in one of the past lives,as you have difficulties to face the challenges because it failed while tried to do it. so it created a blocks in sub-conscious mind, and manifested the symptom unconsciously.


      • Ela_S
        Oct 10, 2011 @ 17:35:00

        Good shot !!!. You know, when I honestly think about your words I need to say that I am aware that my financial situiation is bad and I know I should do something (inluding physical actions) to change it but there;s something what really stops me and I don’t do anything. I feel some kind of wall which I cannot cross over. So maybe here’s the reason for all these problems.


  3. Maria Paula
    Sep 21, 2015 @ 09:30:08

    Hola soy maria paula, curioso como llegue a esta pagina, soñe con el simbolo de metraton y buscando por google llegue a su pagina. Estoy con muchos cambios en varios planos, relacion con familia, trabajo, modo de vida hasta las lineas de mis manos cambiaron. No veo que sean problemas los aceptos aunque aveces suelen ser un poco incomodos por las creencias en que se mueve la sociedad donde me encuentro. Muy linda tu pagina. Saludos


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